Selby Lighthill, Esq

Lighthill Law

"My job is to fight for the little guy against the powerful.  For average Americans against big insurance and big banks, slumlords and speculators. Our legal system guarantees the right to a trial in front a jury drawn from our own community. The community, through the jury, decides the verdict. I believe that our legal system results in justice in the vast majority of cases, giving ordinary folks a fair fight against the big guys.  My job is to fight with them."



About Selby Lighthill

Firm Founder Selby Lighthill is licensed to practice before all courts in Washington State and California.  Prior to starting his own firm, Selby was a partner at the law firm of Paul & Hanley, LLP in Berkeley, California, where he represented families and individuals injured by exposure to toxic chemicals.  Selby has tried and co-counseled more than a dozen jury trials, earning hundreds-of-millions in settlement and verdicts for his clients.  Selby is committed to a client-based approach in his practice, and is dedicated to ensuring all clients an equal opportunity to access justice and demand fairness. 

Selby graduated from the University of Chicago in 1996 and received his law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, in San Francisco.  He is a member of the Skagit and San Juan County Bar Associations and the American Association for Justice.  Not only a lawyer, Selby is also a volunteer firefighter and certified EMT with Orcas Island Fire & Rescue in the San Juan Islands.

Selby Lighthill nominated for ALRP Attorney of the Year.